Saturday, November 21, 2020

Robert Adams Satsangs. T97: Faith

 How do you love God?

By loving everything in the universe,
by reconciling yourself with the whole universe.
You start with the mineral kingdom,
and you want to see if there's anything in the mineral kingdom that you dislike.
When did you kick your car last?
Anything in the mineral kingdom,
remember everything is God.
God is not a person.
Next you go to the vegetable kingdom,
and you consider whether there's anything
in the vegetable kingdom that you dislike, poison ivy, turnips, anything,
for everything in the vegetable kingdom is God, and you have to reconcile yourself with that. It doesn't mean that you have to like turnips or poison ivy,
but you're not to dislike it either.
You're to be neutral.
Poison ivy has a purpose.
You may not understand it, but there's a valid reason for everything.
Everything has it’s place.
Once you've reconciled yourself with the mineral kingdom and the vegetable
kingdom, you can go higher to the animal kingdom, and that's a tricky one, for animals are just a notch away from humans.
When I speak of the animal kingdom I'm referring to bugs, insects, everything. It becomes very touchy if you're a meat eater. Perhaps you've never seen what the animals go through before they're slaughtered. You have to reconcile
yourself with the animal kingdom.
Then you go to the human kingdom,
and you consider if you're still carrying old
hurts around. Somebody that hurt you and you resent them. You think about these things, and you see that it was all karmic to begin with. No one has ever hurt me. Whatever has happened in my life has been right. And you send thoughts of love and peace to every human being.
You forgive everyone.
You also forgive yourself for all the things you have done.
When you're able to do this you have come up very high, for you have freed yourself from the consequences of karma.
I know some of you say that I keep talking about karma a lot of times. Yet you have to realize that karma is going to exist for you as a reality as long as you believe you
are the body, mind and doer. And most of you believe this even if you say you don't. If
you want to see what I mean, think back from the moment you got out of bed this morning.
What did you react to?
What made you feel hurt?
What didn't you like?
Who offended you?
When someone cut in front of you with their car, did you curse at them?
This shows you that you still believe you're a body.
We've got to stop using intellect and stop imagining that we are not the body. You
are the body-mind as long as you are reacting to life. That's why I say you have to have humility and faith. It becomes hard for you, you pray to God.
This is basic.
You can pray to God and say,
"Lord, I can't stop reacting to situations. Intervene for me. Remove all these things that have been keeping me back from going further on the path. Give me the strength to overcome what I have to overcome."
If you pray like this and you have faith,
what you call God will always come to your rescue.

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