Wednesday, November 11, 2020

❤ Robert Adams - Silence of the Heart.🕉

If you remember these 3 points, you will already be awakened.
You have to remember these 3 points in your heart.
By assimilating these 3 points, by digesting them,
by becoming a living embodiment of these 3 points,
you will become Consciousness, Pure Awareness,
which you already are.
The first point is:
Whatever befalls your body or your mind,
remember that is not happening to you.
The second point is:
All of your karmas, your samskaras, your sins of omission,
commission, the sinful acts that you are responsible for,
none of these things can touch you,
if you center yourself in the HERE and NOW.
The HERE and NOW is Omnipresence.
The HERE and NOW is All-Pervading, Omniscient.
The HERE and NOW is Consciousness.
The HERE and NOW is Boundless Space,
Effortless, Choiceless, Pure Awareness.
When you hold onto the HERE and NOW,
when you identify with HERE and NOW, the past is no longer valid.
There is no past, there is no future in the HERE and NOW.
There is I AM. There is the Ultimate Reality, Ultimate Oneness,
and You Are That.
When you are living in the HERE and NOW,
your karmas do not exist any longer,
samskaras stop dead in their trachs, sins are abated,
you are born again, so to speak.
You become the new man, the new woman.
You are free.
The third point is:
You have absolutely nothing to give up.
Nothing to surrender.
Nothing to let go of.
You are already liberated.

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