Sunday, November 29, 2020

Reason and Heart

One day reason said to the heart:
" I am a guide for those who are lost.
I live on earth, but I roam the skies
Just see the vastness of my reach.
My task in the world is to guide and lead,
I am like Khizac of blessed steps.
I interpret the book of life,
And through me Divine Glory shines forth!
You are no more than a drop of blood,
While I am the envy of the priceless pearl
" The Heart's Answer:
He Heart listend, and said: " This is all true,
But now look at me, and see what I am! "
You penetrate the secret of existence,
But I see it with my eyes!
You deal with the outward aspects of things
I know what lies within!
Knowledge comes from You, intuitive knowledge
spiritual truth from me!
You seek God, I reveal Him!
Attaining the ultimate in knowledge makes
one restless
I am the cure for that ailment
You are the candle of the Assembly of Truth:
I am the lamp of the Assembly of Beauty
You are hampered by space and time,
While I am the " bird in the Lotus tree
my status is high "....
I am the throne .... of the Majestic of God. "
- Dr. Allamam Muhammad Iqbal ❤

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