Sunday, November 29, 2020


 That bliss of the Self is always with you, and you will find it for yourself,

if you would seek it earnestly.
The cause of your misery is not in the life without;
it is in you as the ego.
You impose limitations on yourself

D: In this life beset with limitations can I ever realise the bliss of the Self?
M: That bliss of the Self is always with you

and then make a vain struggle to transcend them.
All unhappiness is due to the ego;
with it comes all your trouble.
What does it avail you to attribute to
the happenings in life the cause of misery which is really within you?
What happiness can you get from
things extraneous to yourself?
When you get it, how long will it last?
If you would deny the ego and scorch it by ignoring it,
you would be free.
If you accept it, it will impose limitations on you and throw you into a vain struggle to transcend them.
That was how the thief sought to ‘ruin’ King Janaka.
To be the Self that you really are is the only means to realise the bliss that is ever yours.
✅ Self-enquiry
~ Maharshi’s Gospel
Being Answers of
to Questions put to Him by Devotees

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