Friday, September 4, 2020

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

 Both worldliness and liberation depend on God's will.

It is God alone who has kept man in the world in a state of ignorance; and man will be free when God, of His own sweet will, calls him to Himself.
It is like the mother calling the child at meal-time, when he is out playing. When the time comes for setting a man free, God makes him seek the company of holy men. Further, it is God who makes him restless for spiritual life.
Oh, you have to be mad for God to attain Him! This does not happen if the mind dwells on ‘lust and greed.’
What joy is there in lust?
One feels ten million times that joy from a vision of God.
One feels the joy of union with the Atman in every pore. .
Devotee: Why has He kept us in the world?
Sri Ramakrishna: To keep the creation going. That is His will. That is His maya.
Devotee: Why does He will this?
Sri Ramakrishna: If He granted the bliss of God even once, no one would live a householder’s life. And that would lead to the end of creation.

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