Saturday, September 5, 2020

Ram Varma


The Attitude That gives Beautitude of life.

It is the intrinsic splendidness/loveliness of the Inner Being that gets awakened/alive by constantly having a pure- peaceful-positive-progressive attitude. And by knowing (really knowing) the eternal Truth that whatever glorious or beautiful or mighty being exists anywhere, it has sprung from but a spark of the intrinsic splendour (of the SELF)...........
Thus the most desirable attitude that results in the beautitude / splendour of life has the following essential requirements that help to have the Direct Connection with the Self/Supreme Self:
- Humbly-gratefully trusting in the Self and the Supreme Self.
- Open and optimistic
- Positive (powered from within)
- Accepting/acknowledging the reality of the Power within).
- Heart-felt (aligned to the Inner Call, needing no defence)
- Enjoyer ( I am here to enjoy life, turning things around accordingly).
Regular silent moments/meditation, prayer, communion and selfless service go a long way in cultivating this special attitude. It is not only helpful for maintaining good health, peace, harmony and love, but also in all the areas of life integrally.
Stay steady, do not waver.....just radiate from this great attitude and do all things in its magnificent Light and Love..
With Love and Light......Namaste......Ram

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