Sunday, June 28, 2020

This is Kundalini Shakti. This is where the Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar merge

Kundalini is Shakti, She is the Supreme Being, She is your Divine Mother, She is your Guru, She is Beautiful, She is Powerful, She is Everything, She is beyond everything, There is nothing beyond her in this entire Universe. She knows everything about you. She knows your past, present and future. She knows where you came from and she knows your ultimate destination (The Bliss). Most important - She knows the SHORTEST route to the ultimate destination of your journey (which no other Yoga does).

If you give her your hand, she WILL carry you to the ultimate destination which you don’t know but she does (The Bliss). Kundalini will take you on a wonderful journey or sometimes she will take you through jungles, sometimes she will just be sleeping and sometimes she will be mad (angry) at you. Sometimes the journey will be beautiful and sometime it will be scary.

Kundalini will work actively within you during the period of meditation and she will rarely interfere in your material life, but if she does she will give bigger rewards (material) for her interference in the material life (that may have been necessitated for the spiritual progress at that point of time.)

Whether you accept her existence or not, she WILL always be with you to guide you in the right direction (as long as you continue daily spiritual practice). Rest Assured: She WILL take you to the Bliss by the shortest possible route. Because this universal mother (kundalini) knows the entire road map and what works best for you.

 Mahendra Joshi

Kundalini - The Divine Mother            Kundalini - The Cosmos      Kundalini Shakti (where the Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar merge)

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