Sunday, June 28, 2020


No fear of death,no terror of time, no chains,no space, no mind....Atman/Ego recalls its pristine state...cosmic fluid that molds to gross sky flowing gracefully all over, oceans of existence all flow in him, he is untouched by Maya who too is recalled into his essence. Whole energy spectrum is absorbed..Who can describe that state oh dear when you spread all over as the truth pervading and permeating billions of brahmandas. Yes, you come down to ferry your empty boat flowing in u, you materialize ,you sleep, you work, you dance as others as the prabadha continues. But, the death is nailed, all samsara over for ever, all nectar, all eternal, all love...Mukti

Image may contain: text that says 'he has left nature he has left the temple Where did the beggar go? Gone there where no voice can reach. Empty boat floats in cosmic fluid Soul has outgrown the cosmos. samadhi'

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