Saturday, September 21, 2019

Franklin Merrell-Wolff's teaching

Here's an attempt to pick out key points that represent Franklin Merrell-Wolff's teaching.

Use whichever side of the thinking vs. feeling dichotomy is your strength
Absorb the words of illumined men. They will strengthen your desire for liberation
Develop your ability to discriminate
Be aware of the race-horse and donkey team. If intellect is your strength, it may try to run ahead while conflicting emotions become stubborn and dig in their heels
The door to awakening is dhyana, the workings of which are a mystery.

Essence-recognition comes through a third way of knowing: in addition to perception and conception there is a direct, immediate introception, or knowledge through identity.
When the desire for illumination becomes primary, it will burn up all resistance
Effort attracts help and promotes acceptance.
There is a great advantage to being in the magnetic field of awakened men
A real philosophy is a way of life
"... Realization manifests in a vast range of forms, some seemingly the opposite of others, so for all men there is somewhere the easiest and most direct Way."

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