Friday, May 10, 2019

"'The Source of all, now, I say O Swami, is Unutterable, Infinite, Unfathomable, Unnamed [Nameless, Anami].'

"You, me and all have come from There. But, after coming into this world, we have forgotten about our Original Abode and we are completely engrossed in this world. Even though we face all sorts of difficulties, miseries and tortures, this world appears to be very attractive to us. Our desires for wealth, honour, fame and prosperity amidst all sorts of griefs and miseries continue to increase without any end. The Saints come in this world only for those who have no  attachment with this world and with the creations of their own mind. The teachings of the Saints are only for those who understand that they are here for a specific period and not forever. Guru Nanak Sahib has named the Supreme Centre of Energy or the Lord of this world as 'AKAL PURUSH' [Timeless Supreme Being]."

-- Baba Faqir Chand, Know Thyself To Know God:

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