Friday, May 10, 2019

The Maharshi May / Jun 2019

Table of Contents

1. Sri Krishnaprem’s 1948 visit to Sri Ramana Maharshi, by S.Chakravarti
The author was the organizer of Sri Krishnaprem’s pilgrimage to South India and relates many interesting, previously unknown facts about his visit to Bhagavan.

2. In Memoriam
Two devoted friends of the Nova Scotia Arunachala Ashrama have passed on. Their contribution to the Ashram far exceeds this small eulogy on page four.

3. A Pilgrimage, by Dennis Hartel
Dennis writes about his recent visit to sites connected with the life of Sri Ramana Maharshi in Tamil Nadu.

4. My Heart’s Journey – A Pilgrim's Diary, by Evelyn Kaselow
In 1983 Evelyn writes about her inspired visit to Ramanasramam and the old devotees who served to manifest the presence of Bhagavan in her heart.

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