Tuesday, July 9, 2024


 "Sources of the Ageless Wisdom

come from such Teachers as Hermes, Socrates, Christ, Moses, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, and so on. What is written about these Great Ones was greatly distorted because the people who wrote the scriptures could only present the level of the wisdom as they interpreted and understood it. They could not give us more than what they understood from their level. A child who hears Einstein speak will interpret what he hears at his level. Our holy books are written in a similar manner.

The whole recordings of what these Great Ones taught is found in the Subtle Worlds. Here we have the distorted teaching, but this is not true in the Subtle Worlds. In the Ashrams, They listen to the "lecture tapes" of what Lord

Hape owat (WTF?) we are taught a this levelis a shocking revelation of how much the human mind can distort."

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