Monday, July 8, 2024

Dada Bhagwan

“If one realizes his own Self, then he himself is an Absolute Supreme Soul (Parmatma).”
- Dada Bhagwan

After Gnan Vidhi (Self Realization)

“What is the sign of having attained the Self Realization? Presence of awareness; constant awareness.”

~Dada Bhagwan
A conviction is established that “I am Pure Soul” and its awareness gets initiated.
Worries vanish because you obtain the right understanding of ‘Who the Real Doer is’ and thus you remain stable even in adverse circumstances.
The inner weaknesses of anger, greed, pride and deceit gradually decrease and one's experience of bliss of the Self increases.
Experience of eternal peace, happiness and harmony with all living being’s starts with the application of scientific concepts of Akram Vignan.
Self Realization brings love for all living beings, leading to the intent for world salvation.

There arises a feeling of oneness with everyone because the True Self (Soul) is the same in everyone.

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