Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Seema Awasthi

 When a rishi worships the Ganga, it might seem very pagan for a stranger to Hindu civilization. It’s just a river, why worship it? But they are not actually worshipping the river , they are worshipping the divinity which is in there. Why did Ganga get a higher status than other rivers? Because since ages, the entire length of Ganga, from its source at Gangotri to the Bay of Bengal where it merges with the ocean, has been used by individuals to meditate, to explore the inner realms of consciousness. These individuals have been spreading their vibrations and aura in this region. Energy never dies. All energies which got released for thousands of years have purified and sanctified every speck of sand along the Ganga.

Thus the water of Ganga is naturally magnetised, it has great healing properties. And anything that heals should be given due respect. When the sages offered salutation to the Ganga, it was not a salutation to a mere river, it was a salutation given to the qualities of its water and the Divinity which they could foresee

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