Thursday, May 2, 2024

Robert Adams

 You and I both know people who have been searching for many, many years but haven’t much to show for it. They remain under the sway of their dreams. You can go to satsongs, follow gurus, read all the books you like but in most cases, you are just scratching the surface. You must turn away from all the concepts and dive deep into consciousness, deep into unconditioned awareness, stabilize in this poise and quietly apperceive utter emptiness; the void of potential. All those things that seemed so important lose their grip. There is no way you should be, no way others should be, no way life should be. You can enjoy the show, dance with it and ride the twists and turns without ever being lost. You know that beyond the dream lies the natural state, the ease of uncaused love, while the dream itself is ephemeral and has nothing to offer.

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