Friday, May 10, 2024

Random sayings of Sri Ramakrishna


Every religion is a path to God

The human mind trying to fathom the nature of God is like an ant trying to carry away a mountain of sugar.

By doing unselfish work,  one gains love for God; and gradually, through His grace one attains Him. One sees God, and talks with Him, just as I am talking to you.

After Realization, one sees God everywhere. He is most conspicuous in man, and among men, in pure souls - who have not the least hankering for lust and wealth

Some blind men happened to come across an elephant. Someone told them what it was and asked them to describe it as it seemed to them. The one who touched the leg said that it was like a column. The second one felt its ear and said it is like a winnowing fan. Similarly, those who had touched its trunk or belly, gave different opinions. So with God, everyone conceives Him according to his experience.

People talk glibly about the highest knowledge, but in their everyday lives they are satisfied with the things of the lower plane
You cannot realize Him if you have the least bit of attachment in you. A thread with ever so few ragged fibers won’t pass through the eye of a needle.

So long as there is the “I” there is duality. The Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute is an ocean, within which is the pitcher ‘I’. So long as there is the pitcher, the water seems to be separate - one portion is inside the pitcher and the other outside. When the pitcher breaks, there is one mass of water; and that cannot be expressed in words. Who will do so?


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