Friday, May 17, 2024

R. Adams


For a Jnani who has realized the identity of his inner being with the infinite Brahman.

There is no rebirth, no migration, not even liberation.

For he is already liberated.

He is firmly established in an experience of absolute existence, knowledge, bliss, the sat-chit-ananda atman.

The continued existence of the world and of his own body appears to the Jnani only as an illusion.

The appearance of which he cannot remove, but which cannot further deceive him until the time when after the decease of the body he wanders not forth but remains where he is and what he is and eternally was.

The first principle of all beings and things.

The original eternal pure free Brahman.

While living and even when the body falls dead the Jnani rests in his own essential nature.

His own swarupa that is all full, all pure, timeless, consciousness and bliss.

The following assertions made by a Jnani constitute his own deepest convictions and experience.

I am infinite, imperishable, self-luminous, self-existent, I am beginning-less, endless, decay-less, birthless, deathless.

Never was I born, I am ever free, perfect, independent, I alone am.

I pervade the entire universe. I am all permeating and interpenetrating.

I am supreme peace and freedom absolute.

A Jnani lives forever.

He has attained life everlasting.

Cravings torture him not.

Sins stain him not.

Birth and death touch him not.

He is free from all cravings and longings.

He ever rests in his own sat-chit-ananda swarupa.

He sees the one infinite Self in all,and all in the infinite Self which is his being.

He remains forever as the infinite Self of consciousness and delight.


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