Saturday, May 11, 2024

Meeta Ahluwalia

 The sky is vast and empty. In it, clouds and mist arise and vanish. Rain appears and disappears. The sky is unchanged.

The mind when empty, is free from all impressions of thoughts, opinions, past memories. It is unstained by feelings of envy, guilt, greed, hate etc. Such a mind is pure, luminous and open.

Self realisation is awakening to the truth that our true reality is love.

Not the love that is personal and discriminates, but true love. The river flows freely, the Sun shines on all, just as the skies shower rain upon everything, trees offer their shade to anyone who needs it. The Earth nourishes without opinion, discrimination or expectation. A love that accepts, without resistance.

Everything in the universe speaks of a love that gives, accepts and nurtures.

Awaken, and let the love of the universe flow through you.

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