Sunday, April 21, 2024

There is only Self by Padma

In the experience of Self, there is no other; there is no-thing. Blank for any ego attachments, so there is no mind, only experience.

Once you surrender all ideas and concepts of mind, there is the opportunity for spiritual awakening to the Truth of Being in that vast stillness.

The direct experience of Self, which is all Love and the opening to the wisdom aspect of consciousness, states of Bliss, other realms, and perhaps mystical and healing abilities, exposes the previous reality perceived and lived as a magnificent misunderstanding.

In other words, when you wake up, this grand illusion is verified, leaving no room for doubt.

The veil is lifted, and the face of God as your own self is revealed.

There is only Self, and everything appears within that One-Self, including an exceptionally well-defined karmic persistence. Obstacles, tasks, and suffering.

The invitation is to learn to be faithful to this Truth of Self, a life of mindfulness, living in the present Now moment. Acts and other expressions of loving-kindness and compassion become essential and naturally ingrained.

The only thing that matters is advancing into the waiting purification with all heart and full embrace - expanding that awakened consciousness and mindful awareness to enlightenment.

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