Friday, April 19, 2024

The 'Process' by Lester Levonson


"the whole thing is simple. We are that infinite unlimited joy we are seeking. We are that God that we are seeking. We must turn within and discover that. When we do, we know it and we hold on to it. Then we go through the process of continuing the elimination of all the concepts of limitation, all the ego-concepts, until we are fully established in that high exalted state of beingness."

Lester: At first, we work at dropping the ego until we get enough attention free so that we can seek who and what we are. Then, when we see who and what we are, we say, “This is ridiculous,” and we don’t identify with the ego-mind-body any more. Then we watch the body go through life like we now watch every other body. You watch it and you know that the body is not you. You’re really above that body, you’re not limited or bound by it. You know you are eternal, whole, perfect and free, and you let the body go its way, like a puppet.

Q: And then you use the body for whatever you like, if you want to, or if not; the show just goes on.

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