Monday, April 29, 2024



  1. The Upanishads are the breath of the Eternal.
  2. The Eternal Voice speaks within the core of your heart. Wake up! Thou art the Immortal, all-blissful Spirit. ‘Tat Twam Asi’.
  3. Awake! Arise! O Man! You are a pilgrim on the path of Truth. You are Divine. Find the way back to your spiritual abode of eternal bliss.
  4. Hold fast to that which ever endures.
  5. Look not outside for light, peace, joy and bliss but look within
  6. Truth must be discovered in the depth of your own being.
  7. Your life is incomplete without spiritual Consciousness.
  8. Your life is barren without righteousness, renunciation, meditation and self-realisation.
  9. A desireless man becomes immortal.
  10. To have God is to have the entire world.
  11. Without Atman or the Self there is no life.
  12. Come then. Tarry not. Falter not. March onward, forward, and Godward. Your goal is to
  13. realise the forgotten oneness with God.
  14. The foundation of spiritual life is self-control. Ever lead a life of righteousness or Dharma.

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