Monday, April 29, 2024

Paramahamsa Omkarananda

God is infinitely more valuable than all the wealth of the whole world, infinitely more pleasurable, joy giving, happiness giving than all the sense pleasures of all the world enjoyed for thousands of years, infinitely more peaceful than the most peaceful sea, infinitely more beautiful than the beauty, that you can ever think of as the greatest beauty in all the world.

A thousand times you could renounce your emperorship and mastership over the whole earth, if only you could have God. A thousand times you could renounce your status as the world's greatest scientist, greatest artist, if you could have God.

Try then to cultivate single minded devotion to the Divine. Again and again turn the mind and thought and heart to the Divine. When there is some great temptation before you, convince your heart, that what you gain by the Divine is infinitely greater than what you gain by the fulfilment of this temptation.

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