Saturday, April 27, 2024

Baba Ram Singh


 "The devotees who enshrine love for God within the mind, never forget the Lord." (Guru Amar Dev Ji, Adi Granth)

Baba Ram Singh: "They continually sing the Lord's Name -- Hari, Hari -- with the tongue of thought. Whoever has attached their attention to that true Love within, they can never forget it. The true Love resides within us, and if that Love becomes manifested even one time, it will never slip away from our remembrance. Love is the most attractive power; nothing can equal it -- not the intellect, not the mind, not the outer wisdom. Within us that true Love is dwelling; Love is the form of the Almighty Lord. The soul is Love, and Love is the Guru. So He tells us that when that real Love or virah (the pain of separation from the Beloved), appears in the within, how could it ever be forgotten? When that Love manifests, then our soul remains united with the Dhunatmak Naam -- the Inner Sound -- day and night. We cannot bear to become separated from that Naam for even the fraction of a second. Now we are so bound to mind and Maya that we can never forget them. But when the virah awakens within us, then, in our heart we can remember only the Naam; no other thought strikes there. This is the meaning of virah."

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