Saturday, March 2, 2024

Sri Ramana Maharsh

 There are so many theories, scriptural and scientific.

Have they reached any finality? They cannot.

Brahman is said to be subtler than the subtlest, wider than the widest. Anu is an atom, infinitesimal.

It ends in subtle perception. The subtlety is of the sukshma body, i.e., the mind. Beyond the mind there is the Self. The greatest of things are also conceptions, the conceptions are of the mind; beyond the mind there is the Self.

So the Self is subtler than the subtlest.

There may be any number of theories of creation.

All of them extend outwardly. There will be no limit to them because time and space are unlimited.

They are however only in the mind.

See the mind; time and space are transcended and the Self is realised.

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