Monday, March 11, 2024

Sri Annamalai Swami

7. If you want to go beyond the body and mind, abide in the ‘I am’ only and understand that all that is ‘I am’ plus is false.

8. Abidance or meditation in the ‘I am’ is a process by which attention is kept focused on the substratum instead of the names and forms that are habitually imposed on it.

9. When you abide in the ‘I am’ ignorance vanishes. Ignorance is not knowing the ‘I am’ in its absolute purity.

10. Don’t regard the abidance in the ‘I am’ as a part-time activity. You must have a life-long commitment to get yourself established in it.

11. At all times keep moving back to the ‘I am’, your source, and don’t let anything divert or distract you from this.

12. The ‘I am’ in its absolute purity is the infinite and formless, so when you abide in it you discover the infinite eye of the Self.


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