Friday, March 22, 2024

—Samael Aun Weor

 "We males are fascinated by a beautiful painting, or are enchanted by a beautiful sunset, or are captivated when observing an eclipse through an observatory. But the woman immediately provokes in us the craving of possessing her, the urge of becoming one with her, the drive of integrating with her, in order to participate in the plentitude of the universe.

Nevertheless, we must not, in any way, look at love or at women in morbid manner, we must remember that love in itself is pure, holy, and noble. When a male defiles a woman with his perverse gaze, indubitably he marches on the path of degeneration.  We must learn to see woman purely, in all of her natural beauty. 
For us males, the woman, born for a holy destiny, is the only being that can liberate us from the chain of pain. For women the male is something similar; she sees in the man all hope, all protection, she wants to be completed by the man, she sees in him precisely the masculine eternal principle, the force that has put into activity all that is, everything that has been, and all that will be. 
Indeed, man and woman are truly the two pillars of the temple. These two columns must not be overly close nor exorbitantly away from each other, there must be a space so that the light can pass between them."

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