Saturday, March 30, 2024

Rupert Spira

 To say 'I am God' does indeed sound arrogant. It feels like blasphemy.

But in fact, blasphemy is not to say 'I am God'. Really blasphemous is to say 'I am a person'. Because in saying 'I am a person', I'm saying that I am a being with my own independent existence. I'm saying that my Being is separate from God's Being. And if my Being is separate from God's Being, then God's Being must be limited. In other words, to say 'I am a person' is to deny the (omni) presence of God. That is blasphemy. If we are setting ourselves up as a separate, temporary, finite being, we are denying the infinite Being. That's why it's not arrogant to say 'I am God.' To say 'I am a person' - that is arrogant.

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