Monday, March 18, 2024


 It is a misnomer to say that one enters the fold of Nirvana, liberation or the spirit. One cannot enter a place which one has never relinquished. What happens then ?

There is, of course, no entrance in Nirvana, but the world, in which we had entered, dissolves like a dream and we find us settled in the self.

Does any one gradually rise from a dream. Well, either there is a dream, or there is not. There cannot be any middle stage.

The practice—Sadhana—may take a long time, but the realisation takes place like a flash of lightning—in a moment, and complete. In fact, no time is consumed in its attainment for whatever takes place within the time-limit is gradual.

Sadhana—the practice—depends upon the time-factor, but the realisation does not. It is beyond time.

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