Sunday, March 10, 2024



 Love is the only hope.

It is only because of love that man finds it possible to reach God.

If there were no love there would be no religion, no prayer.

If there were no love there would be no art, no poetry, no music.

If there were no love there would be no beauty, no friendship.

All that is valuable in life comes through love.

Love is the source of all that is nourishing.

Ultimately love becomes the door of God too.

In its purest form love is prayer.

And to know what prayer is, is to know God.

God cannot be known by any proof.

God can only be known by a praying heart, a loving heart.

It is not a logical conclusion but an existential experience of total love.

When your love spreads all over, when it knows no limitations, when it is not bound to this person or that person, to this object or that a object, when it is unbounded, when it is like a flood . Overowing in all directions –you have known what God is.

God is love overflowing.

To be flooded with love is to be flooded with God.

Hence I say that love is the only hope, otherwise everything is hopeless.


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