Thursday, February 1, 2024

Quotes from Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Recognition of the SELF in its purity is Realization of Identity with absolute Emptiness, Darkness, and Silence, when viewed from the standpoint of relative consciousness. In point of fact this Emptiness is Absolute Fullness but, as such, never can be comprehended from the perspective of egoistic consciousness. In one sense it is the “thing-in-itself” of Kant. Relative consciousness deals with phenomena alone and can never reach beyond phenomena. But the phenomenal world rests upon the Real or Noumenal World. Thus it is that the Consciousness of the SELF or “pure apperceptive consciousness” sustains the whole universe or cosmos. But the latter is an outward projection. Behind the cosmos is the formless or Transcendental World. Within the cosmos is the domain of relative consciousness. From the latter standpoint the SELF appears as formless. Hence the approach — for from the relative point of view it seems like an approach — to the SELF from consciousness posited within the cosmos takes on the form of p rogressive negation of all identity with form until finally Identity in the Formless breaks forth as Recognition.

—From Pathways Through to Space in

Experience and Philosophy, p. 13


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