Monday, February 5, 2024

Indian Spirituality BY GONGA Himalayas


Another characteristic of Indian spirituality is its inclusiveness. India is a country where numerous sects exist side-by-side and other religions are not only tolerated but respected and embraced. Throughout the world, religion has far to often served to divide people and has often resulted in increased hatred and even war. Indian spirituality offers the world an example of how tolerance and mutual respect can unite rather than divide us.

The most important aspect of Indian Spirituality is that it is a living tradition passed on by enlightened masters. The very earth of India is sanctified by the great yogis, sadhus, sages, saints and enlightened masters who lived there. They were and are still today the spiritual lighthouses of the world. For thousands of years these illumined ones have radiated powerful blessings to the world. Some were visble in society and some dwelled deep within the Himalayas in caves far from the din of human society.

Rishi Agastya The enlightened sages possess vast knowledge. They know things about the human body and the structure of the universe that modern medicine and science still do not know. Thousands of years ago, the rishis described the structures of the atom and sub-atomic particles that modern scientists have only recently discovered. These ancient sages accomplished that without the use of telescopes or microscopes. Their labroratory was their body and their tools were their mind and meditation. They discoverd within their own consciousness the home of all knowledge.


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