Tuesday, February 6, 2024

God is the Supreme Soul (Paramatman) by Jai Chandarana

The Soul (Atman) is part the parcel of God- it is the real God Particle. God is the Supreme Soul (Paramatman). If God (Paramatman) was an ocean, the Soul (Atman) would be a droplet/wave of that ocean. If God (Paramatman) was the sun, the Soul (Atman) would be a ray of light coming from the sun. If God (Paramatman) was the fire, the Soul (Atman) would be a spark of that fire. Yet despite this, Paramatman (God/Supreme Soul) resides in the Atman(Soul)- "the ocean is in the drop, the ray is in the sun, God is in the Soul"- Sant Kripal Singh. "All know the drop merges into the ocean, but little know the ocean merges into the drop"- Sant Kabir. "I am not a drop in an ocean, I am an ocean in a drop"- Rumi. The Soul (Atman) resides in God (Paramatman) and God (Paramatman) resides in the Soul (Atman). So the true Self (Atman/Soul) is God in reality.

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