Saturday, February 3, 2024

Excerpted from "The Divine Feminine Oracle” by Meggan Watterson


There’s nothing more powerful than remembering that we are love. And there’s nothing and no one outside of us that is needed in order to realize this. It’s between our experience of the divine and our own soul. We can let go of what we think we need to prove, or who we think we need to be in order to receive love because we remember that we are love. Then we can stand in that truth, even through flames.

Marguerite is a courageous truth teller. And the truth of her experience is that love alone can free us. Not the love another might give us, not the love of family, or of friends. All of this is powerful, and significant. But, the true source of love for us is in the fact that we are a soul, and that the soul is in union with the divine.

She reminds us when we’ve forgotten that love is the essence of who we are. And that true love is found within. Marguerite says, “Love has no beginning, no end, and no limit, and I am nothing except Love.” This is a time to own and to know th
is truth more fully. It is the most profound and radical act we can ever take: knowing the love we already are. “



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