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Various Krishna sayings

 Death is certain for anyone born, and birth is certain for the dead. Since the cycle is inevitable, you have no cause to grieve.”

Krishna also speaks of discipline and inner strength. This Teaching ends with the words;

“When he renounces all desires and acts without craving, possessiveness or individuality, he finds peace. This is the place of the infinite spirit. Achieving it, one is freed from delusion. Abiding in it even at the time of death, one finds the pure calm of infinity.”

The third Teaching is the Discipline of Action. It begins with Arjuna asking;

“If you think understanding is more powerful than action, why, Krishna, do you urge me to do this horrific act?”

Krishna begins his reply with; “A man cannot escape the force of action by abstaining from actions. He does not attain success just by renunciation.”

Krishna goes on to speak of actions done without attachment to the outcome. A lost cause is still a cause and we must act without desire and so come to know ourselves truly. He ends with “Knowing the self beyond understanding, sustain the self with the self. Great warrior, kill the enemy menacing you in the form of desire.”

The third discipline deals with Knowledge, particularly self-knowledge. In this Teaching Krishna reveals something of Himself and His numerous incarnations;

3:7, 8

“Whenever sacred duty decays and chaos prevails then I create myself, Arjuna. To protect men of virtue and destroy men who do evil, to set the standard of sacred duty I appear in age after age.”

In the sixth Teaching, The Man of Discipline, Krishna makes a statement of Divine Love that truly resonates with those who see all things as sacred.;


“If you see me in all things and see all things in me, then you will never lose sight of me, and I will never lose sight of you.”

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