Wednesday, January 3, 2024

The ‘first-manifest’ Goddess is called Maatha or ‘Mother’

 In Sanathana Dharma (“Hinduism”), the concept of the creation of the cosmos goes as follows: Originally the universe was in the shape of an egg, referred to as “Brahma Anda” (Brahma means “universe” and Anda means “egg”). Then the Goddess manifested herself. She is referred to as “Maatha” (“mother”) and “Adi Shakthi” (Adi means “first” and Shakthi means “energy” and “strength” put together). She created a trinity of masculine, named “Brahma,” “Vishnu” and “Maheshwara” (or “Shiva”).

In order that their assignments are executed efficiently, Maatha created three Goddesses, named “Saraswathi,” “Lakshmi” and “Paarvathy” (also transliterated “Parvati“) She blessed Saraswathi with knowledge, learning and wisdom. She gave her to Brahma and told him, “Keep her on your side.” Brahma took Saraswathi and kept her beside him, as he went about creating the life in the universe.


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