Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Robert Adams, T77: There Is Nothing Wrong


 I am not interested in attracting hundreds of people, curiosity seekers, giving seminars, or letting people come and look at me. I am only interested in those few people who are tired of living in this world as a body, because they have a feeling that they are absolute reality, they are pure awareness, they are nirvana, they are pure intelligence, and they are ready to go all the way in order to meet the goal. Yet they do not have a goal on their mind. They live spontaneously in faith, and the universe will always appear to take care of them. They take their minds off the body, and the mind becomes weaker and weaker, until they are in the state of no-mind. When there is no mind, there is no I. When there's no I, there's no body. When there's no body, there's no world. When there's no world, there's no universe. When there's no universe, there's no karma, there are no samskaras, there are no past lives, there is no reincarnation, there's no God. There is only the Self, and you are that.


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