Friday, January 19, 2024

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya



Benedictory verses

To Siva

1. Salutations to the Supreme Lord Siva, the pure Awareness

in the sky of consciousness in the Heart, by meditation on whom,

Ganesa, Guha, Mother-Sakti who is the embodiment of Siva’s

Grace, and myriads of Devas, saints and devotees have attained

their cherished goals. (Chapter 1, Verse 1).

To Nataraja

2. From the sky of consciousness of the Heart springs

forth the dancer Nataraja with his blissful consort Freedom,

to the delectation of his devotees who are thus liberated forever.

Unto that Ananda Natesa do we render our devout salutations.

(Ch.1, v.2)

To Ardhanareeswara

3. Unto that Form whose left half is the Mother of all

manifestation and whose right half is the Father of the same,

the jingle of the gems enclosed within the hollow golden anklet

of whose foot is the source of all scriptures, and whose three

eyes (Fire, Sun and Moon) are the illuminants of the universe,

to that Form be our devout salutations. May that divine Form

ever be our protection. (Ch.1, v.3)


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