Monday, January 15, 2024



 I will explain to you a simple technique, which is called Dhyana Yoga [realization via meditation]:

Sit in the open air every day in the morning— at any convenient time, irrespective of any laws and regularities—on a simple asana [seat or posture], for 30-60 minutes. Keep your eyes half open and [be aware of] your nose-tip. This is only to withdraw your mind from external sense-organs.

Then try to be aware of the Seer. You have not to think about sense-organs. You have only to do nothing—no thoughts. Be only aware of the one who is sitting in Dhyana [meditation]. You have to focus on him only. Be aware of the One, who is beyond body, without body [videha].

Practice this slowly, slowly every day and all your problems will be solved. Have the feeling of Chaitanya Brahman [Divine Reality as Pure Consciousness]. Be aware of Purnam [wholeness, fullness]. If your eyes close during this, let it be. You will be aware space. All forms of which you are aware within are modifications or shapes of the One who is sitting.

Call him Krishna, Shiva, or any other divine Name. It is all darshan of the one who is sitting. Continue sitting in this sadhana [spiritual practice]. From within, That will give its message, guidance, and spontaneous insight. Remember: “I am not the body.” Be aware of the Seer. “I am beyond the body.”


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