Thursday, January 11, 2024

Kabir has said, “If you want to know the Eternal...

You will not find Him in the

Vedas, the shastras or in the Koran, in the temples or in the mosques. Tapasya,
pilgrimage, breath-control, or living only on neem leaves will not lead you to
him. You can find him only in your breath (Soham: So when naturally and
spontaneously breathing in, and Ham when naturally and spontaneously
breathing out).”
In this quotation Maharaj tells us the essence of Soham sadhana: the Soham breath.
All human beings on this earth are really gods, but only those who know
themselves enjoy peace and joy.
We are gods because our Self is a wave in the ocean of the Supreme Self, the Absolute. When we experience that Self, we alone truly experience real, total, peace
and joy


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