Thursday, January 18, 2024

Diyahaishi Nag

 The Mother Kundalini will only rise, chakra by chakra, on the request of the Child. The Child and the Mother work together in their development as a team.

The Mother gives you access to the lower three chakras to function in this world. The lower three centers are used for survival, desire and ambition. Most of the world uses these centers for money, sex, influence, knowledge etc.
Most never demand that the Mother rises further to energize a truly unconditional loving heart (anahata). Not many go beyond that to demand the perception of spiritual knowledge (vishudda). Few go further, with the Intention to gain the ability to travel into other realms (ajna). And finally there are those rare ones who seek complete bliss of dissolution, reuniting with Source consciousness (sahasrara).
Our Mother Shakti only provides the energy which we request from Her. Intention is her language, and She simply stays dormant in the roots of our spine waiting to accommodate our cries for help.
But before we can realize our three upper chakras, which represent knowledge, intuition/experience and unity; we must achieve full and complete unconditional love in our heart.
So if you have yet to break the spiritual barrier you should first take stock in your desire to have compassion and unconditional love for other sentient beings."

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