Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Bhagavata Purana


"By God’s will, his Lila (play) as the Time Spirit, six sorts of changes come over the body conception, existence, growth, maturity, decay and death. These affect only the body not The Self that inhabits it, rather as the fruit that grows on a tree undergoes its own changes but does not affect the tree.

The Self is unborn, eternal, changeless, undecaying, without a second, distinct from the body, ever untouched by all things material. For this Self, the body is an object, a field of expression. The Self itself is pure Consciousness, without volition, the foundation of all things, the universe, perfect Awareness, the cause of causes, pervasive, unattached, and boundless.

When one understands these attributes of The Self, one naturally gives up the false identification with the body, even the feeling of owning the body. One sheds that ignorance like a set of worn clothes. As the smelter of gold extracts the essential metal from ore, the true master in the science of The Self extracts the gold of the Brahman (Infinite Existence Consciousness) from the mine of the body, in which that immortal treasure is latent."


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