Saturday, January 6, 2024

Bede Griffth's book reviewed The cosmic revelation : the Hindu way to God

 The Hindu experience is a constant search for God, a search to find out the ultimate truth and ultimate reality and to experience it in the depth of the heart: in this lucid and profound book, the author presents the Hindu tradition to Christians, asking them to encounter it and to relate it to the Christian experience of God. To read this book is to make a journey of discovery: with the simplicity that can only come from long acquaintance and deep understanding, the author leads the reader through the Hindu scriptures to the Hindu understanding of the divine nature, of reality and of human existence. The book is enlivened by stories of his own encounters with wise and holy Hindus, and by his contemplation of the Hindu revelation in the light of the Christian revelation

The Vedic revelation -- The cosmic covenant -- The cosmic mystery -- The revelation of the cosmic person -- Bhagavad-Gita -- Christian revelation

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