Friday, January 12, 2024

An Ode to Bede Grifffits An American Experience by Judy Walter


 O seeker of the hidden mysteries, You moved among us as Spirit, Clothed in the transient garb of the sun. Known in your earthly form as Alan Griffiths Father Bede Guruji Dayananda, the compassionate one. Now in your absence we wonder: Who was this man who lived among us? so familiar, always accessible, a gentle presence, whose eyes were a horizon of the Beyond. In the combat of life, many a disciple came for your counsel. Whether in victory or defeat, your message was always the same: “Go Beyond.” A message proclaimed by your very being, as well as your words, words softly spoken, yet resounding in the ear of the heart, speaking of inner mysteries, inner treasures. You found the Pearl of perennial wisdom, and became a cosmic pilgrim to share the secret riches of your quest. O archetype of Wisdom, O ancient, transparent frame, through you, we glimpse the birth of a new transcendent age, a deeply mystical breakthrough into the very heart of the Beyond. 


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