Friday, January 5, 2024

Adi Granth/Sikh Scriptures

“They who reflect, who reflect upon You,
they live peacefully in this world.
They are freed, they are freed who remember the Divine [God],
their snare of death is cut.
They who remember the Fearless One, the Fearless One,
all their fears are dispelled.
They who serve, who serve my Beloved,
they merge with the Divine Form.
Blessed, blessed [happy] are they who remember the Divine.
Says Nanak, the servant, I offer myself to them.”

(Adi Granth/Sikh Scriptures, translated in, “The Name of My Beloved, Verses of the Sikh Gurus, Devotional Poetry from the Guru Granth and the Dasam Granth”, by Nikky Singh, The Sacred Literature Trust Series)


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