Sunday, December 31, 2023


Then Kali (as supreme Shakti) assumes the responsibility of creating the names, as well as of their evolution.

Kali is also known under the name of ADIMAHAVIDYA, the first of the Great Cosmic Wisdoms, but this should not mislead us, as it does not imply any hierarchy, but rather the idea of order in the cosmic evolution.

Kali is also named ADYASHAKTI, in her quality of energy and terrible Cosmic Wisdom who impels humankind towards action and the universe towards manifestation.

Kali’s representation reveals her nakedness. This is not a trivial manner of representing a deity, but instead this fact stands for the transcendence of all limitations.

Her action in the manifested world implies the destroying and in the same time purifying action of time (Kala). This aspect is suggested by the human head she holds in one of her hands.

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