Sunday, October 22, 2023

Random Xpressions


There's this thing about souls who have loved solitude more than anything in this world - a certain calmness in their aura, a distinct charm in the way they carry themselves. While the world at large is busy chasing something or the other, here are the ones whose only goal is to retire into themselves, to spend more time inside their own heads for they have made the place so judgement free and so cozy & comfortable that these are the ones who are literally in love with themselves. This aspect has been so underrated that barely any is even aware of it. We spend a lifetime seeking our prince charming or our dream girl, all the while forgetting that there's a kind of love that you'll never find anywhere else - the grand romance of falling in love with oneself because it is at this space and this space alone where there is no distinction between the lover and the loved, there's no real count of two here. There isn't even a need of communication, all you've to do is to take that deep plunge into yourself, to see oneself clearly, to know oneself deeply, to look within and find there someone who's the best companion you could ever get. We have so looked into outside us, if for once we turned the direction and looked inward, we would realize what a splendid heaven we have been missing all this time. And now here's the beauty, when two souls who have thoroughly enjoyed their solitude and found perfect peace in it, their coming together will be more like a soulful song that's played in silence. The rapport will be almost instant, the bonding more stronger, because they're not coming to each other out of boredom or of any immense need for companionship. Their meeting is more like sharing their own slice of heavenly solitude with the other, there's no harm at all when they slip into the other, it is like moving from one home to another - the peace, the calm, the quietude, the tranquility, the contentment - its all present, whether you dwell in your own heart or in that of the other. I personally believe that love is only for those who treasure their solitude. One who's not content with himself can never find it in another..

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