Thursday, September 21, 2023

Ribhu Gita

  One is solely responsible for one's own liberation or bondage, since the choice of destroying the restless mind or allowing it to roam at large rests with that one only. Therefore, one should conquer the restless mind by steady abidance in the pure thought-free Alert Awareness- Self only. This steady abidance is Moksha. (Ch. 38, v. 7)

 97 You are the sole supreme Godhead, the Self. There is nothing apart from you. This, we declare to be the ultimate truth after a complete analysis of all the scriptures. By, the holy feet of Siva, we swear this to be the truth beyond all doubt. By the feet of the Sat-Guru, we swear again that this is the truth declared by the Upanishads. (Ch. 38, v. 9)

 98 All charitable gifts, all pilgrimages to sacred places, all sorts of mantra-japa and worship of diverse gods must be firmly given up in favour of steady practice of the teachings of this book (Ribu Gita) only. (Ch. 38, v.24) 99

 All yogic practices, all philosophic pursuits, all devotional exercises, and all faiths and beliefs should be abandoned. One should confine oneself to practice of the teachings of this book only. (Ch. 38, v. 25)

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