Friday, September 1, 2023

Autobiography of a Yogi


Kali – Yogananda worshipped the Divine Mother in the form of Kali. We read how, as a child, his intense prayers to Her miraculously secured him two desired kites. Years later when he grew up, a Kali statue came to life for him—moving, loving, and speaking to him. He explains:

"Kali represents Mother Nature. She is AUM, the cosmic vibration. In AUM everything exists–all matter, all energy, and the thoughts of all conscious beings. Hence, Her garland of heads, to show that She is invisibly present in all minds.” Her tongue sticks out; she has four arms, all of which are symbols of nature. In an inner vision, She becomes extremely beautiful. After a meditation, Yogananda once exclaimed, “AUM is Divine Mother. AUM Kali! AUM Kali! AUM Kali! Listen: Oh, how beautiful it is! AUM Kali! AUM Kali! AUM Kali!”

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