Thursday, August 31, 2023



Upaasana is a time honored spiritual practice. It leads one to the highest level of
meditation. Ramana Maharishi often said “your mind is stuck with names and forms of
the world. Please apply it to the names and forms of the Lord. You will reach „That‟
which is beyond names and forms: “Words, mantras, symbols etc are all thus helpful
supports for a seeker of the path. The very advanced one lets these supports go.
Choosing the good leads to God, who is beyond both good and bad”. This Upanishad in
Mantra 7 says: “One should unite one‟s mind with the higher, first taking the sound (of
Om). Then one should meditate on the Supreme as (the Reality) beyond Om”. Realizing
(the truth) beyond sounds, the illusory (world) is realized as the Real (Brahman)”.

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