Monday, August 14, 2023

Mwendwa Mbaabu


“Love heals all things, for love is truth. Love is who we are essentially.
All pain, suffering, and inharmony result from the forgetting of who we are which causes us to CONTRACT. The illusion of separation from our innate perfection, from our source, and from each other, is what causes all limitation and hence our suffering.

The return to love, the love that we truly are, is the only thing that heals all things. Love caused us to EXPAND into our true nature.
There are only two decisions we can make in any moment. LOVE or FEAR. When we choose fear, we separate ourselves from the grace, truth, perfection that is the truth of who we are, and only inharmony follows (in our minds, bodies, relationships, souls etc.)
The pathway home is the rememberance of LOVE.”

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